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A Call to Courage - Holly Green

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Far from home, will she fight for freedom?


21-year-old Alix is studying in Paris, far away from Sasha, her Serbian father and Leonora, her English mother, as World War Two breaks out. Finding hope even in troubled times, romance sparks with fellow student Raoul; but she soon learns young love can be tumultuous.


So, when Steve, a handsome American pilot with Serbian ancestors, enters her life, she can’t ignore her feelings toward him. And making a decision will be even harder as both men leave for war…


Meanwhile, in Belgrade her father is embroiled in a plot against the Prince Regent, while her mother begins to work with the Nursing Corps in Finland.


Life in Paris grows perilous under the oppressive German occupation, and Alix is faced with an impossible choice: run for home, or stay and join the Resistance. Can she find the courage to risk her life for freedom?


Meet the characters from Holly Green’s Frontline Nurses series, in this captivating new historical read set in Paris during WW2. Fans of Amanda Lees and Suzanne Kelman will love this.

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