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Poppy Takes the Lead - Leigh Russell

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The NEW cosy crime novel from million-copy-selling author Leigh Russell!


Emily and Poppy are living happily in the quaint village of Ashton Mead, where every household is friendly – with one exception.


Unlike the other villagers, Silas Strang and his mother have a bad reputation. Rude and aggressive, they terrorise their neighbours and no one stops them. That is until Silas sets his sights on Emily's beloved dog Poppy, which Emily won't stand for. After a public altercation, Silas is mysteriously murdered. To Emily's dismay, the police view her as their number one suspect.


Assisted by her friends, Hannah and Toby, Emily sets out to establish the truth and clear her name... but her enquiries have frightening consequences. 

Paperback - New 

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