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Postscript to Poison - Dorothy Bowers

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Do you think it is a secret that you are slowly poisoning Mrs. Lackland?”

When Dr. Tom Faithful receives the third anonymous letter, he knows it is time to call the police. His wealthy patient, Cornelia Lackland, is recovering steadily from a serious illness, diligently cared for by him, her family members and her household staff. But something is amiss in Minsterbridge. Mrs. Lackland rules her house with an iron fist, keeping granddaughters Jenny and Carol as virtual prisoners and bullying her attendant Emily Bullen. Scornful and dismissive of everyone, she is planning to make one final change to her will. But, before she can meet her solicitor, Cornelia Lackland is dead, the apparent victim of a poisoner. This is a town where everybody's business is known by everyone else. Chief Inspector Dan Pardoe of Scotland Yard and his colleague Sergeant Salt are called in to investigate an ever-growing list of suspects...

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