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Summer on the Turquoise Coast - Lilac Mills

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It's never too late to start living your life...


Nina likes her life exactly as it is. Happy(ish) in her teaching job, and with no love interests on the horizon, she knows she can't get hurt if she doesn't rock the boat. But Nina's octogenarian grandmother, Flossie, has plans to drag Nina kicking and screaming from her comfort zone.


When the two of them arrive in Turkey, Nina's plans for a quiet holiday are blown out of the water by Flossie's antics. And that's before Nina meets lovely and handsome Leo on a trip to the ancient ruins of Ephesus.


Despite her grandmother determined to play matchmaker, Nina knows that holiday romances are not built to last. But there's something about the turquoise coast - and Flossie's shenanigans - that compels Nina to loosen up and have some fun...

Paperback - New 


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