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The Open Door & Other Stories of the Seen and Unseen

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There was not a soul to be seen, up or down; and the trees stood like ghosts, and the silence was terrible, and everything clear as day. You dont know what silence is until you find it in the light like that, not morning, but night, no sun-rising, no shadow, but everything as clear as the day.'


Despite being a household name during the latter half of the 19th century, few today are aware of the thrilling tales of Margaret Oliphant, and yet they are ripe for rediscovery. From suspenseful hauntings to strange tales of afterlife and the emotional echoes of ghosts beyond simple frights, Oliphant's stories possess a unique style and nuanced voice to deliver stories thoroughly unnerving and unforgettable.


This newly-edited collection features many of her 'Seen and Unseen' series - her most popular in her day - and rare tales newly revived from the British Library collections. 

Hardback - New

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