About Foster's Little Book Shop

Hi! I'm Ashleigh, and together with my partner Jaron and son George, we own and run Foster's Little Book Shop! We opened our first physical shop in February 2023, and you can now find us at 48 The Victorian Arcade in Barnsley, South Yorkshire!

We stock books of both the new and used variety, including fiction and non-fiction, new releases and older titles. You can find pretty much everything here, from Jane Austen to Ken Follett and Colleen Hoover to everyone’s favourite, Stephen King (unless Stephen King isn’t your favourite, then we’re pretty sure we’ll stock that too). Our books are truthfully described and fairly priced, we’ll only ever use pictures of the actual books in stock – what you see is what you’ll get! We don’t use stock images, so there’s never any nasty surprises.

When you shop with us, you’re promoting sustainable, eco-friendly reading. All of our used book section features pieces that were destined for paperback heaven..or hell (looking at your sultry imagination, E L James) which makes our job so much more rewarding, knowing these books are still in circulation for a little while longer.

We believe in affordable, sustainable reading. We keep our books low priced and as widely varied as possible. Everyone should have the right to read, and every book should have the right to a second, third, fourth or fifth life – books are to be enjoyed over and over again. The best books are those that look well used, they’re the ones that get read time after time, referred and reviewed by so many, and saved from the landfill (by us!). We hate to see any literature go to waste, so even the books that can’t be sold on as books are recycled into bookmarks and other bookish items!

Our outlook is that reading should be a right that everyone is entitled to, regardless of age or status, literature brings us all together. We know we wouldn’t be happy to take a risk on a book we wouldn’t be certain we’d love, so we decided to allow our constant readers to pick up new authors and genres without having to re-mortgage the house.

Oh, and just one more thing! If you’re ever stuck for a book, or not sure what category you’d be into, we’re more than happy to give our own personal recommendations – we’re all bookworms here! Someone once said “everyone is a reader, some just haven’t found their favourite book yet” and it's the motto of our friendly, fun little shop.