Our Eco Reading Promise

So, you already know that choosing second hand books helps re-circulation, which is a huge eco win in itself! But we know we can do more to help preserve the world we live in.  

We ditched expensive branded packaging and opted for our signature reusable logo stamp, so you know your order has been handpicked and packed in house by us.  

We also use 100% recycled cardboard packaging. We help businesses local to us by recycling their unwanted cardboard without them having to pay for skips and removal vans. Best of all, this saves us all a ton of money, meaning we can pass the savings right to you. Just how it should be.

You’ll notice we also use plastic shrink wrap and mailing bags to secure your parcels against any adverse weather on delivery. Plastic isn’t our first choice either, but we made sure its 100% recyclable, and when it comes to delivering the quality of your books, we can’t compromise or cut corners.