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A Deed Without a Name - Dorothy Bowers

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“My accidents can't be accidental. Very well, there's only one thing they can be--and that's attempted murder."


Archy Mitfold had always loved a mystery, but he never expected to take the lead role in a thriller. Yet there was no doubt that someone was trying to kill him. First there was the narrow miss on Trumpeter’s Row, where a car accelerated straight at him. Then there were the chocolates Archy received on his birthday—with an unsigned card—that made him ill. Most recent was the sharp push in the back that almost sent him sprawling in front of an oncoming commuter train. What does Archy know that someone is willing to kill for? Does the recent kidnapping of millionaire Sampson Vick have anything to do with his accidents? Chief Inspector Dan Pardoe is called to investigate and untangles more than one mystery in the process.


A Deed Without a Name has a well-realised and atmospheric setting during England's "phony war" period in 1939. 

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