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Big Book Box! 10 Mixed Genre Books

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Our Big Book Boxes have launched!

The 10 Book Box includes 10 mixed genre paperbacks of both the new and used variety. They'll include anything from Classics to Crime, Thrillers to Horror, Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Historical, Fiction & Non Fiction. 

As with all books listed in my shop, the used books are all considered to be "excellent" to "good used condition" meaning there may be signs of use including dog eared pages, spine wear, old book smell and discolouration of pages through age.

I believe books should all have a second, third, fourth and fifth chance at making readers happy, this is the best way for readers to pick up something they may not normally read and (hopefully) love it! 


*Please note, we will never sent parts of series. We will include books from "character series" which can be read fully as Standalone Novels, but you will not receive mid or end to full series books.

Photos of shelves are there for examples of books included. Your box will not necessarily include all of these.

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