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Gilded - Marissa Meyer

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All magic comes at a price, but love was never part of the bargain . . .


The look he was giving her. Serilda had never been looked at like that before . . . The intensity.

The heat. The raw astonishment. He was going to kiss her.


Cursed by the god of lies, a miller's daughter has developed a talent for storytelling - but are all of her tales as false as they appear?


When one of Serilda's stories draws the attention of the devastating Erlking, she finds herself swept away into a world of enchantment, where ghouls prowl the earth, and ravens track her every move. The king locks Serilda in a castle dungeon and orders her to spin straw into gold, or be killed for lying. In despair, Serilda unwittingly summons a mysterious young man to her aid. And he agrees to help her, for a price. But love wasn't meant to be part of the bargain.


Paperback - New


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