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House with Crooked Walls - Bruce Graeme

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"So you know House-on-the-Hill, Mr Terhune?"


Bookseller Theodore Terhune is asked to research the history of a decaying Elizabethan mansion for its new owner, Dr. Vicente Salvaterra. Long abandoned and shunned by the locals, the house has beautiful views but is rumoured to be cursed. Digging through the past, Terhune uncovers strange occurrences and disappearances that span several centuries.. But the bigger mystery is the motivation of the wealthy Salvaterra to relocate his family - his vivacious sister, reserved wife, and highly strung stepson, Andres - from Panama to live in rural Kent. Not long after the family settle in their new home a tragedy occurs, and Terhune must determine if the cause is the Gothic House-on-the-Hill itself, or whether a sinister plot is afoot. Second in the Terhune series, House with Crooked Walls combines murder mystery and Gothic novel in an entertaining package. 

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