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In Your Dreams, Holden Rhodes - Stephanie Archer

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The deal is simple: the grumpy guy will pay off my debt if I find him a wife.


Holden Rhodes is grouchy, unfairly hot, and has hated me for years. He's the last person I'd choose to inherit an inn with. As we renovate the inn and put his dating skills to practice, though, I see a different side of him.


What if I was all wrong about Holden?


When we add 'friends with benefits' to the deal, our chemistry is so hot the sparks could burn down the inn. Holden's a secret romantic, and I'm secretly falling for him.


I'm terrible at bartending, a video of a bear stealing my toy went viral, and everyone in this small town knows my business, but Holden Rhodes is so much more than I expected.


I don't want him to find love with anyone but me. 

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