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Love Letters at the Borrow a Bookshop - Kiley Dunbar

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Can she write her perfect love story?


Austen Archer is on her dream solo bookselling holiday, the new ‘borrower’ at the Borrow-A-Bookshop in Devon’s Clove Lore. While she has always loved poetry, her words have dried up since being fired by her last boss, bestselling author, Callista Flyte, a year ago.


Austen distracts herself with the Borrow-A-Bookshop, as well as her flirty online exchanges with an anonymous Parisian bookseller. Hiding from the world, Austen doesn’t notice that wedding planner, Patti, is falling for her – and is too afraid to admit that she feels the chemistry too.


But as Patti and Austen grow closer, culminating in a magical day at the wildflower meadow, can Clove Lore work its customary magic and bring the two together? And will Austen find the confidence to risk her heart and write again? 

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