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Promethean Horrors: Classic Tales of Mad Science

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As tragic antihero, hubristic maniac or sadistic villain, the mad scientist is as familiar to the Gothic literary tradition as the seductive vampire or evil monk.


Assembled here are ten thrilling tales of literature's most brilliant and misguided minds; minds that strive for the unnatural secrets of immortality, artificial life and the teleportation of matter; minds that must eventually grapple with the bitter cost of their obsessions.


From essential Gothic stories by Mary Shelley, E. T. A. Hoffmann and Edgar Allan Poe to later forays into the weird and psychedelic by E. Nesbit, H. P. Lovecraft and George Langelaan, the classic figure of the mad scientist is reanimated in these pages along with every untethered ambition and its calamitous consequences. 

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