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Stories of The Occult - Jamie King

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Prepare to step over to the dark side with this sinister selection of occult stories


Have you heard the tale of the black-eyed children?


What about the monster that eats your dreams?


Do you know about the witches that summon the dead?


This spine-chilling compendium of strange and supernatural happenings from across the globe is essential reading, whether you're an occult enthusiast or simply curious.


Filled with mind-bending stories of dark magic, terrifying hauntings and unexplained phenomena, the world of the occult has left us fascinated and fearful since ancient times. Spellbinding, mysterious and hidden from view, occult practices offer a way to uncover the secret knowledge of the universe, but beware: some say this knowledge comes at a price...


Explore this rich history of magic and intrigue, as well as occult rituals and esoteric philosophies that continue today. Stories of the Occult looks at:

- Hauntings

- Unexplained deaths

- Witchcraft

- Mythical creatures and much more.


Delve into this book and see what you can discover. By the end, you may not know what to believe! 

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