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The Ultimate Unofficial Guide to Tolkien's World - Antony Cummins

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Tolkien's Middle Earth continues to capture the global imagination. In this accessible (but unofficial) guide, this sometimes confusing world is broken down into bite-sized sections that bring it to life for the newcomer and the fanatic alike.


Become an expert in Tolkien's world – the easy way! The Ultimate Unofficial Guide to Tolkien’s World offers something that’s never been attempted before: a single timeline, in chronological order, of all the events in Tolkien’s notorious complex books.


Why was it so shocking that Galadriel gave three strands of her golden hair to Gimli the Dwarf? Why is Sauron afraid of Aragorn’s sword? Why does a Balrog lurk under a dwarven underground city and how did the seven lost Seeing Stones come into being? How did the hobbits manage to have such a peaceful life? Who were the warriors whose corpse lights hover in the Dead Marshes?


From handy lists of characters, places, weapons and types of magic to the 150 illustrations capturing overlooked details such as armour colours, heraldic signs and crests, this easy-to-follow guide to Middle Earth will ensure you’re never baffled by alternate character names, confusing mythologies or labyrinthine plots again.

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