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The Wrong Mr Right - Stephanie Archer

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The hot, commitment-phobe surfer is going to find me a boyfriend... but now he wants me for himself.




In my small town bookstore, I'm surrounded by book boyfriends, but I've never had one in real life. At almost 30, I'm painfully shy, I've never been in love, and my bookstore isn't breaking even. Something needs to change, and I know exactly who's going to help me-Wyatt Rhodes, the guy everyone wants.




He agrees to be my relationship coach, but his lessons aren't what I expected.




Between surfing, mortifying dates, a town obsession with orc romance, and revamping my store into romance-only, his lessons are more about drawing me out of my shell than changing me into someone new. While we search for my Mr. Right, Wyatt and I become friends.




The laid-back surfer is sweet and encouraging... until I go on a date with another guy, and Wyatt doesn't want me practicing with anyone but him.




Wyatt never wanted a relationship, but when we add praise-filled 'spice lessons' to the curriculum, it's clear he wants me. He's leaving town and I'm staying to run my store, so it can't work, but that doesn't seem to matter to him.




He's supposed to find me someone to fall for but instead, we're falling for each other.

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