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To Be Wolves - Debra May MacLeod

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Book Two in the Vesta Shadows Series--The Gripping Sequel to Brides of Rome


While Caesar rules the world, the Vestal Virgins wield hidden power.


In the stratified world of ancient Rome, there are citizens and slaves, soldiers and senators, priests and priestesses -- and Caesar Augustus rules them all. Yet his authority holds only as long as the people believe the gods of Rome support him, particularly the beloved goddess of the home and hearth, Vesta.


As chief Vestal Virgin, Pomponia continues to devote her life to protecting her order and the eternal flame of Vesta. She has risen to a position of esteem in Rome and is a valued member of Caesar's inner circle. But now a contagion ravages the city and tension rises among Rome's inhabitants.


While she struggles to manage the Vestal order and maintain the favor of the goddess, Pomponia must now face a malevolent nobleman, Soren, whose machinations against her threaten not just her friendship with Caesar, but everything she loves.

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