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Warriors of Death - Charles Whiting

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Obedience to the Führer. Obedience to the death.

Hitler’s elite SS bodyguards prided themselves on doing whatever it took, even if death was the price. They called themselves the "old hares", and they left a trail of terror as they butchered their way across Europe. Of the 30,000 soldiers who signed up, only thirty would survive the war.


Some perished in the abortive push on Normandy in 1944, directed by the Führer. Others suffered gruesome deaths at the hands of the Russians. In a chilling day-by-day account of the final year of this crack squad, bestseller Charles Whiting chronicles their bloody demise, which culminated in humiliation at the Battle of the Bulge.


This is a gripping brutal history, taking us deep into one of the most terrifying and cult-like units of the Second World War. It shows just how far the Nazi’s were willing to go; and the great efforts needed to vanquish them. 

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